About Us


The Fubbi Foundations for Development & Sustainability (FFDS INC.) is a community based Non-Governmental Organization established in 2011 by a group of young men & women who assembled to discuss the means in which they can be of help to their communities, districts, counties & country at large.

The name Fubbi Foundations for Development & Sustainability (FFDS INC.) because of the enormous contribution made by Fubbi F. A. Henries (A Community Organizer – or A People Person – to say it the Liberian way) a man who remains passionate about community development and how residents should take the growth of their communities into their hands.

By early 2011, the FFDS was launched to build a society of self-reliability, hard work, honesty, etc. became Incorporated in 2016



The FFDS comes in fulfillment of all wellmeaning individuals who renounce and denounce societal vices carried out against women, children, and injustice. In addition, FFDS shall advocate basic social services, such as education, healthcare, shelter, utilities and food for the poor.  Good Governance, etc.