The Black Rally of Justice – for War and Economics Crimes Court in Liberia

On May 8, 2018 Liberians will gather and assemble at the Capitol Building to Petition the House of Representatives for establishment of the War and Economics Crimes Court in Liberia. With follow up on May 22, 2018. We are not accepting NO as an option!

People are still living with the Trauma of: Gang Rape, Mass Murder, Amputation, Lost of Property, Drug abuse as a result of kids being forced to hold Arms and drugged to kill, child abuse, Drop-outfrom schools, parents and children being forced to have sex in public, pregnant women being killed as a result of rebels wanting to know the gender of the children they had in their womb, Unwanted pregnancies, prostitution, and mental disorder as a result of losing family members instantly due to bombs explosions.

The Cry for Justice is sounding louder and loudest by the day! We cannot pretend not to hear and see it on the faces of people. It is not too late for Justice to be served! Now is the time!


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