FFDS Incrporated in Partnership with Gateway Medical Alliance – USA, Cummings Africa Foundation, First Responder – Liberia and other Loocal Partners Brought in 3x40ft container of medical supplies and equipment valued US$449,477.00 in (1x40ft ctn in 2016 & 2x40ft ctns in 2017 from our partner Gateway Medical Alliance for charity purposes) under our Healthcare program FUBBI-CARE. Beneficiaries for supplies are listed below:

1. John F. Kennedy Hospital (24th Street)

2. S. D. A. Cooper Hospital (12th Street)

3. St. Joseph Catholic Hospital (Congo Town)

4. C. H. Rennie Hospital (Margibi County)

5. ELWA Hospital (ELWA Paynesville)

6. SOS Clinic (Congo Town)

7. Jordan River Health Center (Lakpazee Zoo Community)

8. Hope for Women Medical Center (A. B. Tolbert Road)

9. Darlington G. Johnson Clinic (Oldroad Churgbor Community)

10. Safe Zone Clinic (Oldraod community)

11. Daqmoui Clinic (Lakpazee Market)

12. Doctor AB Community Clinic (Wroto Town)

13. God’s Grace Community Clinic (12th Street Community)

14. Wroto Community Clinic (Wroto Town Community)

15. Peace Clinic (Oldroad Community)

16. Goodwill Clinic (Fiamah Community)

17. Swamp Community Clinic (New Matadi community)

18. People Unity Community Clinic (20th street community)

19. Eye Community Clinic (12th Street community)

20. Breath of Life Clinic (12th Street community)

21. Oldroad Community Clinic (Oldroad community)

22. 12th Street Community Clinic (12th Street Community)

23. Elbert Medical Laboratory (23th Street Community)

24. Fiamah Community Clinic (Fiamah Commmunity)

25. NeeKangbo Maternity Clinic (Fiamah Community)

26. Lakpazee S. D. A. Clinic (Lakpazee Zoo Community)

27. Peace Island Clinic 1 (Peace Island)

28. Peace Island Clinic 2 (Peace Island)

29. Tropical Clinic (Raymond Field Community)

30. Doctor Dweh Clinic (Central Matadi Community)


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